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About Our Training

Oprant Conditioning

Our training philosophy is simple, we want dogs to enjoy training and our clients to enjoy training their dogs. Our training methodology is based on Operant Conditioning +R and Classical Conditioning. This science-based approach helps owners teach their dogs in a way that is both rewarding and successful without using harsh or unfair methods.

Training your dog is fun! – – Dogs love to play, just like us. Exercising their brain, teach them something new and build on something they already know is a good way to keep them mentally stimulated. Our training philosophies are designed to help you mentally and physically challenge your dog.

Low risk – – +R is the backbone of our training. When using correction based methods that rely on fear, pain and intimidation, going too far can make your pet fearful and aggressive. These methods can damage or destroy the bond you have with your pet. We practice and teach engagement while using positive reinforcement philosophies.!

Confidence building – – Our training methodology is not based on fear the based on creating more confidence with you and your dog. Dogs taught using positive reinforcement based methods are more willing to try new behaviors. They learn more quickly, and feel free to experiment, knowing that when they find the right answer it pays!

Creating Relationships – – Good communication is the basis for strong relationships. Training is a great way to build communication with your pet. Each time you reinforce a behavior, they learn what you expect. Working with a virtual trainer is a great way to make sure the lines of communication work both ways.

Attention – – Utilizing our training principles your dog will have more motivation to engage with you, because they know you are the source of all the good stuff! Use the things they love to reinforce behavior you like, it’s a win-win!

It’s safe – – is a safe way for both you and your dog to receive professional dog training. Because our methods are based on relationship building philosophies and not forceful training, you will receive information that will not harm your dog or put you at risk due to having to go into public to see a trainer in person.

Lasting results – – Behaviors trained using positive reinforcement are strong, and long lasting, because the dog does them because they are fun and feel good. They aren’t avoiding being punished when they behave, or worried what might happen when they can’t figure out the right choice.

Science based – – The use of positive reinforcement in training is based in the study of learning theory, animal behavior, neuroscience and biology. The field is growing and improving all the time!

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